Amalfi coast wine tour

positano view of the pyramidthis is an unforgettable day on the famous coast road, visiting Positano, Praiano, Amalfi and Ravello, stopping on the way to take fantastic photos at the most panoramic and some non truistic lookout points, then we will add to the amazing beauty of all the picturesque villages, a touch of fun and culture visiting the oldest winery in the Tramonti valley where you will admire the spectacular 4-500 years old “pre-fillossera” vines and have a wonderful wine testing with organic lunch and guided visit to the vineyard and seller a perfect way to end this spectacular day on the Amalfi coast.

positano_drivers_DSC_0067…spend a special day of leisurely wandering among vineyards and wine cellars, sampling white, rose or red wines while feeling the cool breeze of the Tramonti valley.

For centuries the people of the Amalfi coast have been growing vines and lemons on terraced gardens supported by dry stone walling, know as macere. These terraces have been made the panorama of the Amalfi coast world famous.

positano_drivers_DSC_0061Wines from the Amalfi Coast are one of the phenomenon emerging over recent years.

Thanks to the selection of original vineyards and IGP recognition (Protected Geographic Indication), wines from the Amalfi Coast are starting to be appreciated and known around the world.

The Tramonti vineyards spread out on terraces carved over the course of centuries out of the steep slopes that run down to the sea.

Their cellars have been here since before Caesars times out of the solid hillside rock.

This valley is pride and joy of the hospitable, friendly people who live and work this land and have preserved its traditions for centuries.









You will tour the Tramonti vineyard with a local guide who will show you the amazing ancient vines big as a tree, explain how the grapes are grown and harvested on these steep hillsides, and will then show you the cellars and explain how the wine is made.

A guided tasting and a simple lunch will give you an insight into the estates production and the wines of Amalfi.

If you appreciate the quality, you will be able to take with you some Limoncello or Tramonti wine because in this way you will keep with you a tasteful memory of the Amalfi coast.

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